Sanatorium Aquamarine

42/1, ul. Gorkogo/bul. Chardonnay, Vityazevo settlement, Anapa, Anapa, Krasnodar region, 353417

About sanatorium

The Aquamarine Health Resort is located where the three climate zones meet: sea, mountains and steppe.

The sea keeps the area warm, the mountains protect against the wind and the grasslands bring enticing aroma. The resort is situated right on the Vityazevo beach, in a suburb of Anapa.

We are open all year round.

The sea is our major swimming season attraction: pristine sandy beaches with all the necessary accessories, gradually descending sea-bed, children's bathing beach and the water park. Therapeutic mud baths and water from mineral springs are available all year round.

The resort is surrounded by vineyards and coastal salt lakes.

A low-rise Aquamarine-Sukko complex was built in the valley of the Sukko River, near the main resort building.  It is surrounded by relict pine trees and juniper groves. They say that even the air here has a healing effect on our mind and body. The beach is covered with fine pebbles, the edge of the pebble deposit drops sharply into the deeper waters.

For therapeutic treatment and cosmetic procedures, we use the local sulfide silt muds.

The healing properties are comparable to that of the Dead Sea muds, even better in a certain aspect. Aquamarine is s considered to be the best spa resort in the Southern Russia.